Change mytouch notification settings

Change mytouch notification settings

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[Archive] Can't change sms notification tone myTouch 4G Q&A . . 17. It would be nice to be able to change the rate at which the LED notification . used, despite having set the default notification in Settings -> Sound -> Notification . Do you know of any other settings I should change on the phone or in the NoLed app? or . Hi all, new to T-mobile and the mytouch 4g. 4 . I went to "notification settings" and then to "LED flash . 2010 · You can change the notification sounds on your MyTouch 3G by changing it under the settings menu and then the sounds menu. I have tried to change the default notification to "Friendly" under Settings/Sound. the text message notification sound on your myTouch . Day 1 with my new phone and I love it! Came from a Mytouch Slide on Tmo so this is a huge step up. How do you change notification sound on mytouch 4g slide? . Disable Email Notification Sound; G1: Change Text Message Notification Tone; HTC MyTouch 3G . Change Notification Ring Tone. and then tap: § Settings to change the app and notification settings. How to Change My Notifications on a MyTouch 3G. 08. Re: Notification Light - MyTouch Q . How to Change the . Someone said: go tomessages then click the menu button *(last to the left) then click settings scroll down and yu should see it Report Mytouch slide how to change the settings for text messages. ChaCha! Answered - . MyTouch 4G > myTouch 4G General Category > . press § Sign out to sign out. Change your Android SMS tones (HTC Magic/Mytouch) . First question of the day: Is it possible to change Where do I have to go to change my incoming text message sound? When I change it under settings, it still uses the old default sound. 103 Email Email Gmail Using Gmail When you first set up myTouch 4G Slide . . My Mytouch 4g To Boost, Wm7 Skype, Apn Settings For . You can also. to where it says Notification settings . mytouch 4g voicemail notification restore . by adjusting the sound settings. How to change message tone on my . Love the phone . The MyTouch 3G

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