Monster hat pattern

Monster hat pattern

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I don't really do handmade costumes. 08. It's so fun and cute! Added to 100+ Baby Crochet Hat For the spikes and the eye I followed The Boy Trifecta's Monster Hat Pattern. And the spikes I made shorter. net - Free Crafts Network Free Crafts projects! Your guide for all types of crafts. People is perhaps best to refrain from printing of what one I need some dirty text messages to sent my girlfriend. 01. So you may know a little munchkin who will cheerfully wear this Crochet Monster Hat. These hats have bite! Let a monster chew on your head this winter! The monster hat was an idea I came up with when I got carried away and bought 8 skeins of blue fuzzy yarn. For the eye I added in a 3rd color and made it larger. Holiday crafts, Kids crafts, crochet, knitting, dolls, rubber stamps and much more . 2009 · Free Crochet Pattern for Blythe Brain Sucking Monster Hat - GRRRrrr! This cute little monster hat whips up very quickly. The pattern is for Elmo, but skip the nose and make the eyes a little goofy and you have Cookie Monster. Kids love crazy hats. Kids love crazy hats. PATTERN Monster Hat Create a fun, cute or spooky monster hat with this pattern. Whip up this hat for your little monster in no time! AllCrafts. Skip the nose and . Well, at least not sewn costumes - we did this cardboard box robot thing last year. It's so fun and cute!. I have a confession. So you may know a little munchkin who will cheerfully wear this Crochet Monster Hat. See, I REALLY hate to spend a ton . I’m sure many of you know the feeling! This hat fits teens and adults. Crochet Monster Hat Pattern. Mix up the colors teeth size and eye size to make your own monster This listing is for an 7 page PDF sewing pattern to make a cute Monster Hat

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