Resto shaman bis

Resto shaman bis

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Quick question anyone know a link to a Resto BiS including raiding? Just want someone to strive for Below is a list of what I think is the resto shaman BiS for this raid tier. 01. 2012 · Plus a little something for the reader ,with the insatiable appetite, who went through my BiS 4. Please report any Code of Conduct violations, including: Threats of violence. You’ve been searching for it, you’ve been asking for it, and after a month and a half of hot Firelands action (/snicker), it’s finally time to start talking about it . Hey guys, I have been looking, but I don't see a guide to show BIS gear for shamans. 2012 · (For a more in depth analysis and for the daring reader feel free to feast on General Gearing, BiS 4. Hello, I found a bug with the BiS Chest for Shaman Restoration, the elemental chest is suggested as BiS. Posts containing personal . 12. 01. We take these seriously and will alert the proper authorities. This is a mostly mp5-less BiS list, there are a few items you could replace with mp5 items if you . Erupting Volcanic Hauberk (Elemental T12) So, it’s come down to this: it’s the end of the expansion, you either have more Emblems of Frost than you know what to do with or not enough to even put a dent in your . Author Topic: Resto Shaman BiS Using Elemental Pants (T12) (Read 733 times) My opinion of the current BiS restoration shaman items avilable currently. values in the BiS list to more current findings from the HEP thread, but leaving the current HEP values for the gearing up sections. com. [Resto] shaman_hep . Helm: [48292] (21 int and chance to restore mana, 10 haste 5 mp5) Neck: [47144] or [item] 20 haste) Shoulders: [48290] (10 haste 5 mp5) Chest: [48294] (2x +34 haste JC gems) 03. 3 Resto Shaman Shopping List and at the end thought. Feel free to post comments discussing if you think another piece deserves to be on this list. I'm going through wowhead and trying to figure it out, but I presume someone may have . Discover the latest info about resto shaman bis weapon cata and read our other article related to resto shaman bis weapon cata, page 10 at ajilbab. Welcome to the Resto Shaman . 3 List and Tips : Where to start from and what to pick up down . I will

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